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This page can be opened by clicking on Airport Search or by clicking on the explorer icon when available.
If the icon is used, it will return the Airport ID into the text field next to the icon.
Select search by City, ZipCode or Airport ID. Complete and select the rest of the fields and click on Find City.
Results will appear in the right hand side panel, click on the City Name and a proximity map will appear showing the different airport IDs, distances and runway lengths, you may click on the Airport ID to the right of the map and the system will type the ID in the correspondant text field.
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Physical and mailing address can be changed in this screen, also change User ID and Password can be done by clicking on "Change User ID / Password". Click on Save Changes when completed.
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There are two groups of users, 1) Customer and 2) Vendors. The contact information is stored independantly for each type, it is possible that your account be of type Customer, Vendor or Both. Click on Add New to create a new contact record, this will have to be done seperate for each account type. Fill up the blanks, select the type and click on "Save Changes". If a record has a checkmark on Delete, then it will deleted when the "Save Changes" button is clicked.
l Bid Alert Set Up
Capabilities: Complete all the fields that correspond to your aircraft capabilities. Also check the regions where you operate so unwanted RFQ are not sent.
Alert Details: Select the frequency and the times the current alert is available. Select from the drop down list the contact record. For pager please include the provider information, I.E. 8005555555@alphapage.airtouch.com. If you enter a fax number, keep in mind that we have a limited number of modems. Thefore, you might not get the fax immediately.
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Enter all the tail numbers and aircraft types currently in your certificate and that are currently operational. Information will be verified against the copy of your insurance.
l My Availability
Enter the tail numbers available each day, their current positions, destination or region where you can one-way the aircraft, and the configuration.
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General Information: Please complete all the fill properly, and make sure the available time and needed time are in the format mm/dd/yy hh:mm. You may click in the calendar icon
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